Weddings at UUMC


We welcome your interest in using our church for your wedding. Please read these guidelines and contact Mrs. Kyle Wooldridge ( or 344-0343), our Wedding Coordinator, if you have any questions. To see the facilities or to meet with Kyle, please call or send an email and make an appointment.

Weddings and wedding rehearsals will not be scheduled on:

  • holidays
  • holiday weekends
  • during Holy Week
  • on LSU Football Home Game Weekends or on the Open Date
  • and the entire month of Decemeber

Weddings and Wedding rehearsals will not be scheduled any later than 6:00 p.m.


One of our three staff ministers will conduct the wedding ceremony. If the couple wishes to involve another minister to assist in the ceremony, arrangements need to be made with our officiating minister and an invitation will be extended through our church.

The next appointment with the minister should be made for pre-marital counseling which is required.

Reserving the Facility

Reservations for the use of the facilities must be made through the Church Office with the our main Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Kyle Wooldridge, by calling the office at 344-0343. A telephone call will temporarily reserve the sanctuary; however the reservation is not confirmed until the appropriate deposit detailed in the fee schedule (available at the church office) is received in the church office after the initial meeting.

Unless the bride, groom, parents or guardian of the bride or groom has been a member in good standing of University United Methodist Church for at least one year at the time an inquiry is made, the wedding is considered one for non-members. Members and their immediate families will be given priority over non-members until the time that the reservation is confirmed. Confirmed reservations for non-members will not be changed in favor of members.

Payments of remaining fees associated with the wedding are due in full one month prior to the wedding.

Available Facilities

The sanctuary seating capacity is 450 and has a center aisle and two side aisles.We also have a lovely chapel with a seating capacity of 48. The State Fire Marshall establishes all seating capacities.

A dressing room is available for the bride and her attendants. A suitable changing room for the groom and his party is also available. The church will not be responsible for personal items (such as wedding dresses, wraps, purses, silver, jewelry, or glassware) brought to the church for use in a wedding or wedding reception. The church is not liable for such items if they are lost, damaged, or stolen.

Our Fellowship Hall is available for receptions and/or rehearsal dinners. The use of the kitchen is restricted to serving and arranging, not actual food preparation. The stoves, ovens and electric dishwasher are not to be used.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property, and our buildings are smoke free.


Ms. Evelyn Hopes, the church organist, is the only authorized organist for weddings. It is the Bride’s responsibility to contact Ms. Hopes to be placed on her calendar and to make arrangements regarding music.
Should she not be available, Ms. Hopes will make arrangements for another organist. Ms. Hopes’ fee is payable directly to her one week prior to the wedding; it is not included in the fees for the use of the sanctuary.
Ms. Hopes’ phone number is 751-0288 or you mail email her at

Opening the Facility

The sanctuary will be opened 15 minutes prior to the scheduled rehearsal. A period of one hour is set aside for the rehearsal.

Unless a special request is made and approved, the sanctuary will be available three hours prior to the wedding time for decorating, dressing, photographs, etc.

Responsibilities of Wedding Party

The wedding party will be responsible for protecting the furniture, fixtures, carpets, chairs, floors, etc. from damage while in their use.

It is the responsibility of the wedding party to give a copy of the photography policies and florist policies to the photographer and florist. If these policies are not adhered to, they will be barred from our church for future weddings. Copies of these can be obtained in the church office. Please have them follow the directions on the agreements.

No rice will be thrown in any of the buildings or on the grounds.

No smoking is permitted in the facilities.

Florist Policies

The Church will be open 3 hours prior to the wedding for decorating. If other arrangements need to be made, you must make arrangements with the Church Wedding Coordinator.

All furniture must be protected where flowers and candles are used.

No furniture is to be moved unless written permission has been obtained from the officiating staff minister.

Do not use nails, tacks, glue or pins to secure wedding decorations to furniture.

Candles are to be drip-less and must have a protective floor covering under them.

Candelabras along the aisle must be secured by clamps and pads to protect the pews and must have glass chimneys.

Policy for Wedding Photography

While photographs of the wedding and wedding party are very important to the couple and their families, the solemnity of the ceremony should not be interrupted by indiscriminate picture taking. Photographs may be taken before and after the ceremony with flash photography, but not during the ceremony. Pictures may be taken with natural lighting during the ceremony only if there is no disturbing noise or movement. The wedding party may return to the altar after the ceremony for as many pictures as they wish.

Video recorders are permitted as long as the recorder and the person doing the recording remain unobtrusive.

The following general rules must be observed:
1. Flash photography may be used until the bride and her escort arrives at the altar.
2. No flash equipment or extra lighting is permitted during the ceremony.
3. Noises and disturbing movements should be avoided in making exposures and changing film and film packs during the ceremony.
4. Photographic equipment should not be placed on the pews.
5. Photographers are not permitted to stand on the pews.
6. Poses for photographs should be planned by the bride and photographer prior to the wedding date to conserve time for the wedding party, photographer, guests, and the church staff. If the photographer does not have an assistant, the wedding couple should arrange to have someone coordinate any photos taken after the ceremony.

Church Wedding Staff

Dr. Jane Riecke, Senior Minister
Colleen Bookter, Associate Minister

Kyle Wooldridge, Church Wedding Coordinator –
Evelyn Hopes, Church Organist
Jill Davis, Wedding Hostess
Kay Willson, Wedding Hostess