Small Groups

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

John Wesley believed that Christians are always moving to perfection in faith. As part of that journey, Wesley believed that small groups were essential. UUMC is home to numerous small groups that embrace the concept of Scripture study, accountability, and fellowship. Some of our groups are “covenant” in nature: they agree to meet and share the trials and blessings of a faith journey. Some of our groups are “Wesley” groups: they meet weekly to study Scripture, frequently studying in advance the Scripture which will be read in worship on Sunday. We have groups that are all women, all men, and couples. UUMC want to nurture and grow new groups! If you are interested in joining a new group, please let Rev. Larry Miller ( or 344-0343 ext. 13)  know and we will meet to determine what times and days are best!


Examples of Current Small Groups

Monday Morning: Coffee Call Men’s Book Group :
Greg Toney, Gene Sands – open to all

Tuesday Morning: Women’s Wesley Group – Kay Willson:
Preview of Sunday Scripture – at maximum membership at this time

Tuesday Evening: Couple’s Wesley Group:
Sarah Lloyd, Lucy Smith – Preview of Sunday Scripture – at maximum membership at this time

Weekly: Couple’s Covenant Group:
Robert, Jane Blackledge – accountability and sharing group – at maximum membership at this time

Thursday Afternoon: Women’s Covenant Group:
Liz Gibbens, Barbara Albright – Book Studies