• Multiple calendar’s are shown here, all relating to activities and groups within our church as well as outside events being held on our property.
  • Click the drop-down arrow button next to “Agenda” to choose which calendars to display.
  • You may also change your view from monthly to weekly or an agenda list style and then print a hard copy to keep on the fridge!
  • If you would like to book an event or room at the church, please click here to download the reservation form that must be filled out and emailed to for approval . In order to make sure that spaces in our church are not double booked, this form must be submitted and approved by the church office before you may use the church property for any event or meeting This applies to all church related groups and events, as well as non-church functions and outside guests. If you have problems submitting the reservation form online you may come by the church office to make your reservation in person.