Adult Ministry


Our class is composed mostly of young professionals – some with children and some without. We are building a foundation of faith for ourselves and our families. Most of us arrived at United Methodism through other faith backgrounds so we bring a lot of fun perspectives to discuss. Due to the nature of our busy lives, no preparation or reading is required before class. We meet upstairs in room 204 of the Trice Building.

This class involves college-age adults who participate in rotating studies that focus on integrating bible study with current social issues that are relevant to young adults. Members participate in selecting study topics that may be of interest and they require no preparation prior to class. The studies are led by adult members of UUMC. Members also are invited to participate in mission, social, and community activities throughout the year. This class meets upstairs in the Trice Building in room 214.

The Contemporary Christian Concerns adult Sunday School Class is composed primarily of older adults although there is a desire for and full acceptance of all ages. Sunday school topics, as the title of the class indicates, cover contemporary Christian concerns. Twice a year, usually January and July, topics are suggested and chosen by the class for the next six months. Class members either present the topics themselves; or, more frequently, find and arrange speakers for the topics. Lively discussions usually take place. Considerable camaraderie is developed through these interactions. These Christian concern presentations and discussions are quite informative and attempt to keep mind and soul educated. Examples of some of the topics are: an update on the Middle East, immigration issues, homeless in Baton Rouge, etc. This class meets in the parlor in the Holmes building right next to the fellowship hall.

We are a class of mainly parents in their thirties and forties. Authentic relationships and study are our main focus. We also gather for quarterly group socials for fun and fellowship. Join us in Room 215 in the Trice Building.

The Genesis Young Adult Sunday School Class welcomes all self-identifying young adults, wherever you are on your faith journey. We are committed to welcoming especially those who have not always felt welcome in the church due to sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical and/or mental abilities. Each week we strive towards honest, open discussions where questions without answers and people with imperfections are welcome and celebrated. Our curriculum is usually no-prep, so there is no required reading during the week. Topics vary, but some examples include forgiveness, essentials of the UMC faith, and spiritual practices. We meet on the second floor of the Trice Building in room 213.

The Inter-generational Bible Study Class is a fluid group of people, ranging from college age to 80 years young. We share a desire to study the Bible with an eye toward historical, social, and theological context. While some studies follow a guide, others are crafted on our own, based on our members’ areas of interest or expertise. We all lead busy lives, so we share leadership, and welcome all comers – even those who didn’t read that week’s selection. Come join us on Sundays at 9:45 am in the UUMC Library, or email Sharla Myers at if you’d like to learn more.

Open Door Class studies different modern perspectives on living a Christian life in our modern world. We view videos presented by experts on a subject and have lively discussions on how to apply to our lives. No preparation is required for class and each class can be attended as a standalone session. The class is composed of 50 to 70 year old church members, both single and married, retired and active in the work force, long time and new church members. We enjoy multiple pot lucks and a lively Christmas party! We support various church ministries including once monthly collection for Kids Hope, annual contribution and staffing of inflatables at UUMC Harvest Festival, contribution to annual Christmas project, volunteers for game day parking, as well as many class members’ service on church committee. As our name indicates, we enjoy welcoming visitors and new members. This class meets on the bottom floor of the Trice building in room 116.



This group focuses largely on books on theology but also some secular works to provide variety. We’ve read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Hauerwas’ Cross-Shattered Christ, as well as books by Parker Palmer, Brueggemann, Borg, and many more. As you can see, we cover a variety of topics from various lenses. We are open to new members male or female and any age. We meet at Highland Coffees by the LSU campus at 7:00AM.

Enjoy weekly discussion on current events and how they intersect with our faith and theology. We meet on Thursdays at 7:30PM at The Chimes, 3357 Highland Rd. This group is mostly younger adults but is open to all. Beverages on you! Contact Rev. Colleen at colleen@universitymethodist for details.

This group meets to discuss a book once each month, usually on the first Thursday at 6:30PM in the UUMC Parlor. The books for this group are selected by group members at each meeting and we are open to a variety of topics, both theological and secular.

This is a women’s small group that meets in UUMC’s Parlor from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. No preparation is required please bring a Bible We spend half an hour reviewing the past week for ways in which we have served as the living hands of God in a hurting world and holding each other accountable for areas where we need to improve in our response to God’s call. We spend the second half hour reading one chapter of the Bible and discussing how we understand that chapter to illuminate our Christian lives. We have completed study of Genesis, Exodus, and First and Second Samuel. We end with prayer requests and a time of prayer.