» 7/27/14 – “Can Anything Good Come out of Nathaniel?” – Rev. Larry Miller

John 1:43-49 This is the 8th of our 12 sermon series this summer on the 12 Apostles.  Today’s ser…Read More »

» Care Team Home-Bound Visitation Ministry invites you to take part…

The Care Team is extending the outreach ministry to our longtime members who are no longer able to a…Read More »

» Heritage Sunday @ UUMC: A Great Success!

On Heritage Sunday, May 18, 2014 we had the privilege of recognizing ninety-two individuals who met …Read More »

» 7/20/14 – “Apostle Thomas” – Rev. Colleen Bookter

John 14:1-7 and John 20:24-29 If you’re like many people, the list of apostles who you can name by name includes: Peter the rock, Judas the betrayer, Thomas the doubter, and for many of us, it ends there. For our serious biblical scholars, it might…[read more>>>]

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The mission of UUMC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by offering a meaningful and relevant Christian Witness that welcomes all, nurtures growth, and serves our community.